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About Grofu

Our story

We’ve all been there right?

The fancy offices with amazing slideshows of huge brands, and the promise of delivering you online marketing campaigns that far exceed your expectations.

You begin to dream of the impact this amazing marketing strategy is going to have on your business, and contemplate why you didn’t begin digital marketing sooner.

But then, the work commences.

The experienced staff who said they’d be with you every step of the way dissipate. You’re left with a junior on your account who seems a far cry from the expertise and level of detail you’d expect.

Your website is left in their hands, and by the time you’ve glanced at your reports, you’re bombarded with thousands of meaningless numbers.

Sound familiar?

Our Mission

It happened to our founders, and to thousands of other businesses.

And this is exactly why GroFu was created.

To deliver a highly focused and personable digital marketing service, with jargon left outside of the door.

We were created by business owners who were fed up with spending their money on digital marketing firms that couldn’t keep their promises, spoke a language that sounded like another and all in all seemed like a waste of money.

Our founders have felt your pain and frustrations and understand your hesitation in outsourcing your marketing efforts.

They have sat on your side of the table, and know what it is like to trust someone with your hard-earned money.

So we don’t speak in jargon that makes it seem like marketing performance is something you can’t understand.

We don’t deliver fuzzy metrics that mean absolutely nothing to your aims and goals.

You are never passed from pillar to post to junior staff. Our account executive will be present at every meeting or call you have with our marketing agency.

We are about building relationships, making you feel we are just a marketing extension of your own business.

But above all, we are about getting you the results you crave from your marketing. And that is what everyone at GroFu lives and breathes every day.

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Why Choose Us

No Jargon

You want to understand what you’re paying for, so we explain it in easier terms.

Track Record

Track record of success across multiple industries, with case studies on show.

Build Relationships

Deal with the same account executive forever. No pillar to post.

Clear Reporting

No vanity metrics and data, just the reporting on items that achieve your goals.

Lets have a conversation

A no obligation conversation could give you all the answers you need for a successful marketing strategy.

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