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Marketing agency services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A service that helps your website to appear higher in results when someone searches for it on Google. It is a great way to drive traffic to your website from the world's biggest search engine.

Paid Search
Advertising (PPC)

The main advantage of PPC advertising is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This means you only pay for results, and you can stop advertising if you don't get the results you want.

Social Media Management (SMM)

Social media management is an important task for any modern company. But it's also a difficult one, and many companies struggle to get it right. Owning a company's presence on social media is not enough, you need to effectively manage it.

Content Video Production

As brands move their marketing efforts to video, the possibility for business owners is enormous. Video has the ability to tap into our primal instincts and emotions. It can harness the power of engagement that is better than any other ad medium.

Sponsor & Partnership Research

You want to sponsor a sports team, event or even partner with another business. But how do you know which partnership will gather you the most exposure? Our partnership services, research the data of your desired avenues to make powerful partnerships.

Website Design & Development

Your product might be great, but if your website’s purpose is not clear, the potential customers will never understand what your business does. Good design that has been carefully crafted to match your business goals and objectives will help you deliver a more meaningful message.

Full-Service Marketing Agency

We make sure we gain maximum exposure for our customers in various mediums, both online and offline.
There are many ways of marketing your business and we understand the importance of each. We strive to maximize our customer’s exposure through strategic marketing tools and tactics.
With a full service marketing agency, you work with individuals who will be able to help you determine what the best course of action is for your business.

Marketing with a purpose

Rather than just solving today’s marketing challenges, we believe in planning for the future and looking beyond what is currently happening.

GroFu may be a new kid on the block but we hold decades of experience under our belt.

We know how to do all aspects of your marketing campaign from graphics design to social media management, website creation and optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), email campaigns, brand development etcetera so you can concentrate on running your business instead.

Marketing campaigns are not limited to company slogans or overly glossy images these days, they need to connect at an emotional level with potential customers which is why at GroFu are experts are constantly researching new trends relevant to their industry as well as consumer interests so you stay ahead of the trend.

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